Vidmate Alternatives | Similar Apps Like Vidmate Apk for Android

Apps Like Vidmate Apk : These present days surfing internets is one of the favorite pastimes for every individual. Therefore everyone nowadays is looking for the best applications where they can stream videos online listen to songs and watch their favorite movies. So, if you are also searching for one of the best application like this than I would say that it is perfect applications for you. With this application you can do multiples of tasks such as you can access the downloading from the various popular hosting sites. This app will also help you to download all the files in different qualities and also give you the opportunities to download everything with full supports of HD and enjoy all the entertainments clearly. Check Vidmate Alternatives for Android below.

Vidmate Apk is one of the most popular and trending applications for downloading songs, videos and movies of HD without any hazardous. Therefore this app is completely safe for you to use. Vidmate apps contain more than 200 channels of televisions to stream for free absolutely as well as it got the capacity to download unlimited HD videos. The vid mate app is downloaded and enjoyed by millions of users all across the world and its features have made the users very interesting and user-friendly. So ultimately anyone can download the applications of Vidmate and get a great experience enjoying the entertainments.

Vidmate Alternatives or Similar Apps for Android:

vidmate alternatives

There are multiples of applications that are similar to Vidmate, and as usual, you can browse and download unlimited videos, songs, and movies from the various popular host sites and even stream it online. So gradually you may find some days that Vidmate is not responding properly due to millions of users browsing the same applications of Vidmate so for that conditions you can try out using the alternatives applications of  Vidmate. Check out the best applications of  Vidmate alternatives given below:

  1. Tubemate:


All of us know that we can watch and enjoy videos from YouTube but we cannot download so here is one of the best applications of Vidmate that is very popular and famous regarding YouTube. Tubemate is the best well-known applications as a YouTube for watching and downloading HD videos. It presents the users with different types of resolutions and quality for downloading the latest and your favorite videos from the most popular sites on YouTube as well as it is compatible with your devices. It is one of the best Vidmate Alternatives.

Features of  Tubemate:

  • Download unlimited HD videos, movies, and songs.
  • Stream movies, TV shows, videos and songs online.
  • Safe and secured no hazards.
  • Provides different types of quality and resolutions for downloading YouTube videos.
  • All the downloaded videos are stored in the defaults of the memory card.

Tubemate helps you to download unlimited videos and by the help of default it stores to the memory card automatically. This app is completely secured therefore there are no such kinds of the burden for occupying spaces in your devices.  Although Tubemate permits you to enter several other sites where you can download videos, such as Dailymotion and Facebook but above all this app is specially made for YouTube. Tubemate is not officially available in Google play store, but you can definitely download it in some other various sites easily without any hazards.

  1. iTube:

i tube

This application is available for both Android and iOS devices. All the videos downloaded from these applications can be easily saved for enjoying it offline whenever you are bored or free time although you cannot download it to your phone or memory card. The videos that have saved for enjoying offline can be view with great qualities of a video picture and without any kinds of disturbances in buffering or hazards. iTube is compatible for both iOS and Android devices. Therefore, the app is easily available in play store or iOS markets.

Features of iTube:

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • Enjoy videos offline.
  • View the videos offline without buffering.
  1. Advanced download manager:


This application is very popular for downloading the videos in faster speeds, you wouldn’t believe, but it obviously downloads the videos within the blink of your eyes without any compromises in the qualities of videos since it provides the full HD pictures quality and also one of the best alternatives applications of Vidmate. This application helps you to download at least three videos continuously and also gives you the whole control of the speed of downloading. This type of app  specially made and design for downloading both videos and MP3 in the fastest speed. This application is easily available on the official sites of Google play store as well as in the market of windows.

Features of Advanced Download Manager: 

  • Downloads any videos in the fastest speeds within the blink of eyes.
  • No compromising with the quality of videos.
  • Lets you download three videos simultaneously.
  • Gives you a complete control over the speeds.
  • Easily available in the official sites of Google play store.
  1. Snap tubes:

snap tube

This application is one of the best alternative apps for Vidmate. This app also lets you access to some other popular sites such as Vimeo and YouTube where you will be given an options to download your favorite videos within one click along with different types of quality, size and resolutions of videos to download. Snap tubes are one of the most advanced applications where the apps provide the users with multiples of options for switching the sites and download your best suitable videos. A Snap tubes application is available on the official sites of Google play store as well as from the various other Android sites.

Features of Snap tubes:

  • Gives opportunities to download videos from YouTube and Video within a single click.
  • Provides users with different types of quality, size and resolutions to download your favorite videos.
  • Snap tubes give you multiples of options to switch sites and download the best videos.
  • Easily available in official sites of Google play store.
  1. Fastest Video Downloader:

fastest video downloader

This is the other great alternatives applications of  Vidmate Apk. This application makes the users download videos in the fastest speeds such as five times faster than normal other downloading; it also provides the videos to download from various other popular hosting sites. This application is very superior that it lets you browse even through the MP3 files so you can ultimately download all your favorite videos easily in the fastest speeds without any hazards. Download these application’s easily from the Google play store. It is one of the best Vidmate Alternatives.

Features of Fastest Video Downloader :

  • One of the best alternatives applications of  Vidmate.
  • Download videos five times faster than other normal downloading.
  • Download your favorite videos, music’s and movies easily and store it in your memory card or phone to view it later without using data connections.
  • The application is completely free.
  • The app has made with an amazing feature where you can pause and break.

Final verdict:

These are the best and famous Vidmate Alternatives. Usually, all the videos applications downloader provides the same features which can be definitely used as a substitute for one another when one is facing any kinds of issues as sometimes the apps can slow down the speed due to millions of peoples accessing the same app.  So when you need to stream videos badly instead of facing that annoying situation, these applications are specially made for you (Tubemate, Snaptube, i Tube and fastest video downloader). So choose any one of the given options and enjoy watching amazing HD videos and download it for enjoying offline without using data.

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